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New To The Community And Fics

Alright. A Comm for Rodney/Anybody shippers. I think I've just hit heaven.

Ahem. Allow me to introduce myself: I'm Techie, the rabid author of a seemingly endless stream of Atlantis fanfiction; ninety percent of which is McKay centric. I write for a few different McShips, but these are the stories that are already completed. No spoilers that I can think of and most are rated T for PG-13 worthy language.


(I'm Not!)
Notes: This one and the next are companions to each other. They also haven't been edited (I was very lazy with proofreading back in the day since they were both completed in the space of like, three days..but I vow to fix the errors sooner or later), so please forgive any little whoospies you might find (and they're numerous).
(And Neither Am I!)

(Like Father, Like Daughter)
(Something Citrus This Way Comes)
(To Rodney, Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar)
(There's Got To Be A Morning After)

McKay/Carter (friendship)

(Colonel For Sale)


(Tears is a death!fic but both are ANGST! Take this warning seriously since I seem to be very good at depressing people!)



McKay/Weir (but only if you have your heavy duty McWeir goggles on)</b>

(Faux Pas)

Hope you all enjoy the delightful McKay related shippiness.

-takes a bow-
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