Garneteve (garneteve) wrote in rodney_duets,

New Challenge

Hello to all.
I'd like to extend an invitation to the members of this community to participate in this challenge...It is pretty much Rodney-centric, but can involve any character.

I have read a few fics that turn Rodney into a cat. I would like to continue that theme with this challenge.

The story so far...
Rodney, has been turned into a cat. Essentially, he has no memory of who/what he is/was. But it seems he can communicate telepathically with only ONE person on Atlantis.

So here is how it will work....

I am going to put 10 numbers up.
Please reply and let me know what number you want.
Once you have replied, I will send you a pic that you can write for.
You can choose the character that Cat!Rodney will communicate with.
Go wild!
Post the fic when you are done (or a deadline) with the picture that inspired you.
Cut off date is 20th Feb
Please post to this site by then, and then you are free to post anywhere else after 25th Feb (Please pimp my site in notes tho...thanks :) )

Please visit my LJ...malesofatlantis...for signup comments. Thankyou
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