The World Famous Fairyglass (fairyglass) wrote in rodney_duets,
The World Famous Fairyglass

Pillow Talk by Fairyglass

Title: Pillow Talk
Characters: Sam Carter, Rodney McKay with appearances by: Ronon Dex, Teyla Emmagan, Jennifer Keller, John Sheppard and Radek Zelenka
Pairing: Sam/Rodney
Spoilers: None, though it takes place in Season 5 of SGA (Sam's in charge)
ESRB Rating: Everyone 15+
Themes: Friendship, humor, romance
Word Count: 4k

Beta by: sorcha_gaia of Blue Lotus Petals

Author's Notes: This started as a "comment fic" for the 2009 carnivalofsquee based on the prompt "Sam/Rodney, Pajamas".

Summary: Sam makes the adjustment to leading the Atlantis Expedition and that means making certain personal adjustments, too.

Written: March, 2009

"Goodnight Doctor McKay, Doctor Zelenka," Sam says indulgently, waving up at Rodney before tapping the conversation clear. There's both a sense of relief and... something that feels an awful lot like reluctance as she does so. She frowns at the thought. Has it really been so long that Rodney McKay is looking good to her?
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